This is Gloria, our fun family transport for last summer.  My family don't usually become attached to my cars, but Gloria is different and selling her is an unpopular choice.  

This is a little Fiat 850 from 1971. In beautiful dark blue with red interior, it not only looks terribly pretty, but it also is a delightful thing to drive around in. The joy in being able to go flat out much of the time, managing the momentum of the car through bends and hills whilst primarily staying within speed limits is very addictive and  found myself driving this car and having more fun in it than any other car last summer!

The car had a full restoration about 20 years ago and all unsound metal was replaced and it was done well.  The car was used as daily transport for 3 years by its previous owner and there is a comprehensive history file with invoices of over £7000 during this time (!), including a partial engine rebuild.  The car runs really well and drives beautifully.  The car is standard apart from an Abarth exhaust which sounds rorty, but not stupidly loud.  It is also fitted with a webasto style fabric sunroof, which I use rain or shine and it makes it a really charming little car to buzz around in.