This is a very tidy Jaguar XJ-S in a great colour combination.  It's the 3.6L straight six engined model which is beautifully smooth and powerful and also manages to get over 25mpg on a decent run!

I used this car this year for an epic road trip over the Alps to Brescia to see the Mille Miglia, and it was the perfect Grand Tourer.  In preparation for this trip the car was fully serviced and also got a new oil cooler and pipes, radiator etc. (some pictures are from this trip).

Unlike many XJ-S of this age this one has had a reasonably easy life, so it is not a patchwork quilt of welding underneath, in fact it appears to have had (or needed) no welding at all and is totally solid underneath.

The engine and drivetrain all work smoothly and quietly as expected and the car drives beautifully.  The interior is clean and the benefits from a recent replacement headlining.  Bodywork has a few small scratches and stone chips etc commensurate with a well looked after car of this age, but as the pictures show this car presents very well.

All in all it's a really lovely car that's a pleasure to drive with none of the usual rust issues that can blight these cars