This is a cracking little mid engined sportscar.  The last of the original mk1 MR2's and having had some of the later ones I'd say original is best - it's lightweight and beautifully balanced so it handles really well and because it's light it doesn't need rock hard suspension so it's also really comfortable.  It's excellent chassis is complemented by a super smooth, revvy little 1600cc twin cam which somehow manages to be raucous and refined at the same time.

This car is now in excellent condition.  Mechanically these cars are very robust and this car is a great example of how Toyota built their reputation for quality - despite its age it feels totally solid and ready for anything.  The engine is almost silent at idle and revs cleanly and the gearbox is excellent.  Suspension and steering is knock, clunk and rattle free.

The car is unmodified and has a very pleasant and original interior which is in remarkable condition - it even still has the interior cover/ blind for the sunroof (the sunroof works as it should and doesn't leak!).  Even the electric mirrors still function properly.

As with most of these cars, rust can be an issue - this one has had new steel rear wheel arches and lower rear quarters. (new steel, not fibreglass and filler!)  The car looks great as the pictures show and it's totally solid underneath. The sills are also good underneath the standard plastic sill covers.

A great retro mid-engined sportscar, ready to use.