A beautiful TVR Chimaera in great condition and ready to drive.  This car drives beautifully - feels totally solid on the road and feels really quick.

As with all TVRs the chassis can be a weak point due to corrosion and with the Chimaeras and Griffiths there is no way to know if the outriggers are OK without raising the body off the chassis - The outriggers have been done on this one and will be perfect for many years to come (see picture of body raised to show the outriggers).  Don't buy a TVR without knowing the state of these unless you're willing to do the job!


Otherwise the car is also in great condition and a good example of the marque - the interior is very pleasant and the engine bay is nice and clean, showing a lifetime of care and maintenance.  This is an early "400" model, it's done 59000 miles and is ready to drive.