The S series are one of the prettiest TVRs and this one in Mist blue (on a misty day for the photos) with the chunky original slot style alloys is a fine looking car. 

These have the Ford V6 engine, specifically the fuel injected 2.8 in this S1.  Its loud and brash as a TVR should be and pulls strongly through the revs.  

The car is generally in good condition, being a car that has not had a restoration.

The all important chassis is strong and solid throughout and the car had had new semi trailing arms on the rear suspension(a weakness on these models) so all is good underneath.

The bodywork is tidy but unrestored and the interior is also in decent condition and a nice cosseting place to be.  The hood is in good condition and with a clear rear window.  The "targa panel" is a 2 piece version - easier to store in the boot.

Overall this is a pleasant old TVR that's ready to use.