This is a TVR 350i - the mainstay of the TVR company in the 1980s and still a real beast today.


The cars are the epitome of the 1980 sportscar with the steep wedge shape and blunt rear end giving a really aggressive stance. That stance is backed up when you turn the key and hear the lovely v8 growl.  Of course no '80s sportscar worth it's salt would be without pop up lights!

This is a car that has been well looked after and remains in excellent condition.  The achilles heel of any TVR can be chassis corrosion and I'm happy to report that I've had the sills off this car to properly check the condition and the chaissis is in excellent shape - I repainted the outriggers in expoxy chassis paint where necessary when I was there.


The engine sounds and pulls very well and is in good health as is the rest of the drivetrain.  The interior has been refinished in cream leather (at some point it has had nice new leather seats with TVR embossed in the headrests) and the interior still has the leather smell..  The hood is in good condition as you can see in the pictures.  Overall a nice example of the TVR wedge with 77000 miles on the clock and serviced and and ready to drive.