This is a very clean and unmolested Vauxhall VX220.  Built by Lotus these are basically an S2 Elise in a different suit.  I've always loved the Elise (I have an S1 that is a long term "keeper") and wondered if these were comparable and as expected they are very similar.  Compared to an S1 Elise it's a bit more civilised and probably easier to live with, but it handles with the same instant reaction and is an excellent driving car. The 2.2L Vauxhall engine is less mechanically noisy than the 1.8 K series in an equivalent Elise, which makes longer journeys a bit more refined.


This one is in excellent original condition and has been maintained to a very high standard by a well respected lotus specialist.  The bodywork and paintwork is really good as can be seen in the photographs (I've just had the front "bumper" section redone to get rid of stone chips), the interior is very clean and undamaged. The engine bay is in very clean condition as is the area under the front panel, with the only modification being a full alloy radiator in place of the usual alloy/plastic one.  Everything works as it should and it drives perfectly - I've just had a trip to Suffolk and back in it..

Basically if you want one of these you won't find better.

It's covered 68,000 miles